Dr. James Hill

DDS, Excellence in Dentistry, Madison, WI

“All cutting edge dental practices are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd. The Hands On Learnning Lab™ has done that for our practice. As a team, nothing we have ever done has produced this degree of excitement and enthusiasm! Kids love it and parents just rave about how we are helping them raise their kids’ awareness of both dental and general health. Thank you!! It has been our best return on investment to date.”

“My practice is focused on adult restorative dentistry, but with the recent decreased busyness in the profession we wanted to expand our market. The Hands-On Learning Lab™ really helped us develop a target market that we haven’t had before: younger families with children. And it doesn’t just bring in the kids: if the kids come in, then the parents follow and that’s our target. We put the Lab in a highly visible hallway, so when adults walk by we can tell them about how we’ve changed our whole approach to “cleaning kids teeth.” We do so much more now! We educate the young ones about the basics of dental hygiene and we teach the older ones about food and lifestyle changes to combat the obesity epidemic that we observe later in life. Our hygiene team has really embraced the self-prophy concept for the young ones, and we feel that the Hands On Learning Lab™ is making a huge difference for our kids now and forever.”

Dr. Jim Hill's Learning Lab Dr. Jim Hill's Learning Lab Dr. Jim Hill's Learning Lab

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