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The Kit Concept


  • Step-by-Step instructions for 40 hands-on science experiences
  • DVD tutorials for many of the Learning Lab experiences
  • Set up and facilitation tools for building a successful self-prophy practice
  • A nutrition model designed to help children improve food quality and reduce the risk of obesity
  • DVD interview with tips from leading experts in children’s nutrition
  • Learning Lab revenue ideas that can increase your bottom line
  • Target market and public relations concepts for Learning Lab visibility in your community
  • Marketing materials including brochure examples, web page design and advertisements
  • Easy-to-understand resource articles for parents and kids centered around children’s health
  • Learning Lab tracking records to follow individual growth, goals and personal accountability
  • Digital copy of entire kit contents


The Hands-On Learning Lab kit is in a three-ring binder format so that your practice can easily add or subtract science experiments to make the lab your own. Each page in the experiment section has a place for your team to make personalized notes to further customize the the activity.

Your physical learning lab space can be entirely your own. We have a tour of ours on the DVD, but whether the activities are carried out chair-side or in an un-used dark room, closet or hallway, the possibilities for customization are infinite.

The internal marketing brochure and three (different sized) external advertisements will also be yours to customize with your logo, phone, website and even photos if you wish.

Price: $1450

per kit

Quantity discounts available.

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